The Six Barriers to Breast Health

Some women cannot access mammography screening because they do not have quality care in their geographic area. Solis Mammography extends the footprint of our health system partners into the community. We combine this with a high-touch approach that includes online scheduling, 30-minute door-to-door appointments, emailed results within two business days, a 100% female call center, and a patient outreach cycle to drive adherence.

Two in three healthcare consumers report they’ve had a bad patient experience. Solis Mammography re-imagines the standard mammography experience, creating a consumer-centric alternative that has one of the highest Net Promotor scores in healthcare (93).

Twenty-two percent of healthcare consumers said an inefficient visit led to a poor healthcare experience.* High quality, efficient breast imaging requires dedicated infrastructure, quality imaging equipment, as well as a breast-dedicated team. Our partnership models allow us to flexibly manage staffing structure and needs.

Many health systems struggle with innovation, which can mean abandoning existing models and disrupting long-standing practices. Solis Mammography leads the way in innovation, with a screening platform that uses 3D with SmartCurve technology to deliver both accuracy and comfort. We have also further enhanced clinical quality with significant investments in AI-driven software.

Many consumers want their healthcare to emulate other consumer-facing industries, but progress for providers can be slow and uneven. Solis Mammography has perfected retail health with a patient-friendly pathway to care with online scheduling, a non-clinical center environment, door-to-door 30-minute appointments and emailed results within 24-48 business hours.

Breast imaging services typically represent less than one to two percent of system revenues. Yet, this service line directly or indirectly influences more than 20% of health system revenues. As a dedicated partner, Solis Mammography makes sure a key healthcare decision-maker is well cared for on an annual basis through a differentiated front door strategy.

Picture a world where these six breast health barriers are removed. This is what a joint venture with Solis Mammography can accomplish.

*2021 Accenture Health and Life Sciences Experience Survey